6 top tips for setting up a smart home.

Setting up a smart home yourself is one of the quickest ways to start reaping the benefits of some of the latest technology.

Even if you are new to the array of smart home devices out there, there’s no reason why you can’t get yours up and running with as little fuss as possible!

Here at Hey!, this is our mission - to make smart homes a possibility for everyone!

If you are ready to get started on yours, be sure to read our 6 top tips for setting up your first smart home...

Our Top Tips For Setting up a Smart Home for the First Time...

1. Start with the basics

It’s a big world out there in terms of smart home technology, so don’t allow yourself to get too bogged down in it.

There’s no need to dive in head first with a load of devices you don’t understand. Start small, perhaps with a few smart light bulbs or smart plugs to see what they can do.

We’ve got a handy blog with everything you need to know about the best smart home devices for beginners.

2. Stick to Wi-Fi enabled smart devices

One problem many people who are new to smart homes run into is buying a basketful of devices, only to find they aren’t compatible with each other.

Having devices that easily integrate is essential for setting up a smart home successfully. So, while you are still getting to grips with all the information out there, we recommend stocking with wi-fi enabled devices.

If all of your devices can ‘talk’ to each other over your wi-fi connection, you should run into far fewer integration issues.

Take a look at our blog explaining what you need to make a smart home for some more information about this.

3. BUT Check your router and wi-fi connection

So, if wi-fi enabled devices are so much easier, why do other smart home connection types even exist?

Well, the more devices you connect to your wi-fi, the more strain you are putting on it. This means it might become slower, or, if the signal isn’t strong enough, it won’t reach every corner of your house.

When setting up your smart home, you might want to check your wi-fi connection and router are up to the job. Check your provider is offering you the best speed for your budget and you have the most up to date router available to you.

Finally, always make sure your internet connection is completely secure when setting up your smart home. Use a strong, unique and complex password and username that doesn’t give anything away about your home’s identity - not just the default one you were given.

Make sure you keep up with any security updates of any equipment that uses your wi-fi - whether that is your smartphone, laptop or PC. Always be careful about any apps or software you allow them to access.

4. Name each smart device clearly

You might only have ‘lightbulb 1’ and ‘lightbulb 2’ for now, but once you get bitten by the smart home bug, you could end up with dozens of devices!

Even in the early days of setting up your smart home, get into the habit of naming them logically. Label them by room and their specific location, so you can easily identify them. If you need to move them, remember to rename them to avoid any future confusion!

5. Explore your smart device’s app

The fastest way to learn when setting up a smart home is to get stuck in! Download your device’s app and explore what it can do - set up some timers, play with your lighting colours at different times of the day, get used to any voice command functions.

The better you get to know your smart home, the more you will be able to do with it.

6. Consider using a smart speaker

When setting up a smart home, you don’t need to use a smart speaker or hub.

For wi-fi enabled smart devices, like ours at Hey!, you can control everything from our easy-to-use smartphone app.

However, there are some benefits to using a smart speaker as the hub of your smart home.

Take a look at our blog on the best smart home devices to use with your Alexa for some more advice.

BONUS TIP: Get creative!

Finally, keep in mind the fact that setting up a smart home is supposed to be fun!

There are so many smart home ideas out there for you to try out - from using smart light strips to create a home cinema, a smart kettle to boil your morning cup of tea for you, or an internal camera that lets you keep an eye on the areas of your home that matter the most!