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When is Black Friday 2021?

Current Discount Codes - Ends Midnight

- Black Friday Extended 25% off all items (excluding kits) - Code: BLACKFRIDAY

When is Black Friday this year?

Friday 26th November 2021 is the official date for Black Friday this year.

What is Black Friday?

The biggest shopping event of the year takes place, with unmissable deals everywhere you look.

Black Friday is a great time to secure some amazing deals and start to check things off that ever growing Christmas list!

Our deals will be available across everything from smart bulbs to video doorbells and even our brand new product releases such as the Smart Dome Lamp & Smart Panel Lighting Kit.

What should I expect from Hey's Black Friday Event?

We will be running unmissable daily deals throughout the week and a number of suprise events on Black Friday itself.

If you've been waiting to order your first hey! product you certainly won't be dissapointed with what we have to offer.

The first deal will be live from Tuesday 23rd November at 8:00AM so keep your eyes peeled and save the date!

How do I find out more about these unmissable deals?

The best way to stay up to date with all our Black Friday activity is to subscribe to our mailing list using the box below.

You can also expect exclusive discounts accross our social media channels and also via notifications on our app so be sure to follow us there too!

Black Friday 2020 Best Sellers

Smart Spotlight


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5M LED Light 


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Smart Video


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