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How to create Siri Shortcuts for your hey! devices.

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Great news... To create Siri shortcuts for your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch you don't need any additional apps, this can all be done within our free hey! app.

Create a programme for Siri to operate


To begin, select the smart tab along the bottom of the homepage of the hey! app. Next, ensusre that you are on the tap-to-run tab along the top menu. Once you are within the tap-to-run section of the app, hit the '+' icon to start your first programme creation. 

Specify the tasks you would like to occur in the programme


From here, you will need to select 'launch tap-to-run' and then 'run this device'. 


Here you will select the devices you wish to be operated when the Siri programme is activated.

For this example, we are going to show how to use Siri Shortcuts to turn off the downstairs lights. 

Therefore, we have selected a product group for all downstairs lights and selected the programme function to power them off.

Don't forget to name your programme something you will recognise! 


Now you have set the paremeters for the programme, you just need to rename the programme something you will recognise, for this example we have used 'Downstairs lights off'.

Your brand new tap-to-run programme should now appear on the smart tab of your hey! app. Next, press the 'Add To Siri' icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

Creating your Siri voice command

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Once you have selected add to siri, simply select the programme you have created and customise the voice command that will trigger the routine with Siri.

Please note, this does not have to be related to the programme name. 

For example, you could enter 'bed time' as the voice command to trigger the programme 'downstairs lights off'. 

Congratulations your tap-to-run programme is now set up within Siri and should be active in a couple of minutes.

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