The best smart devices for beginners.

At Hey!, we think it’s time everyone got in on the smart home action.

But, we also know that the beginners among us are worried their house will look more like something out of Star Trek once they have done kitting it out.

Indeed, the world of smart tech can seem confusing - there are so many pieces of equipment to choose from and learn how to use, how do you know where to start? What do you actually need?

So, we’ve decided to cut through the noise and get down to the most important basics of what smart home devices you should actually buy as a smart tech newbie...

What are the Best Smart Home Devices for Beginners?

Do a quick Google search for smart home devices and you will find literally everything, from simple light bulbs to all-singing-and-dancing thermostats, security systems, control panels and more.

As a beginner though, you probably don’t want to throw yourself straight into a world of expensive equipment that just leaves you feeling confused.

Instead, we recommend starting out with some fundamentals and building up your own personalised smart home ecosystem as you get to grips with it.

Some of the most popular and easy to use smart devices are:

Smart light bulbs

Smart light strips

Smart plugs

Motion sensors

We think these would make the perfect starting point for most homes. They’re a great way to test out automation at home, while still having fun in the process!

It’s also a good idea to invest in a smart home ecosystem that can easily integrate a number of different devices. At Hey!, we have you covered with our wide range of wi-fi enabled devices that can easily connect with most smart speakers as well as each other.

If you still aren’t sure though, head on over to our smart home product picker[1] - here, you can tell us what type of home you have, who lives there and what you want to be able to do with your smart home, and we will build up a personalised box just for you - it’s that simple!

Want to know more about our best smart home devices for beginners? Read our guide to some of our favourites below...

Smart Lighting

If you want something quick and easy to set up that can really bring some life into your home, smart lighting is the way to go.

Smart bulbs and smart lighting strips are definitely the most instantly noticeable devices you can start with. You don’t need any new fixtures or special lamps, either - they simply fit straight in like any old light bulb! Just remember to check you have the right fitting cap for your lamp.

At Hey!, as our smart bulbs and light strips connect straight to your wi-fi, all you need to do is log into our app, and you can get busy adjusting them to your liking - no other equipment necessary.

You can choose a standard white bulb, but why limit yourself? Our RGB bulbs offer a brilliant array of colours that you can control right from your phone. So, you can set the mood for a party, a night in with the TV or a romantic dinner - whatever you’re up to, your bulb has you sorted!

Smart Plug

When you’re ready to branch out beyond playing with the colour of your lamps, we think a smart plug is the next step up.

Once you get the hang of them, smart plugs really can be incredibly useful - and, once you get hold of one, we bet you start finding your own ingenious ways to put them to use!

All you need to do is place one into any standard wall socket, connect it to your wi-fi, then plug in any of your home appliances to give them new intelligence they never dreamed of.

This is why smart plugs are easily among the best smart devices for beginners - it’s like an instant upgrade for all of your existing electricals.

So, if you want to be able to put your phone charger on a timer, put the coffee machine on from bed or make sure you're not wasting energy on appliances left on stand-by, a smart plug could be for you!

Motion Sensor

Do smart bulbs and plugs seem like small fry to you? Maybe you’re ready to add some motion sensors to your smart home?

Smart sensors can add a whole new level of automation to your home. When used alone, they can notify you when they sense movement at their designated patch in your home - so, you can use them as a security system, to set reminders when you walk into a room or simply get notified when the cat is at the back door.

Where they really come into their own, though, is when you use them alongside one of your smart bulbs or plugs.

How easy do you think it is to set up automated lights that turn on when you walk into your house at night? Or to switch the kettle on when you turn your morning alarm off? With a Hey! Motion sensor, it’s incredibly simple!

As all of our devices work together seamlessly with one integrated app, all of your smart home products can ‘talk’ to each other without needing complicated set-up or additional smart hubs - ideal for beginners!

External Camera

Finally in our list of the best smart home devices for beginners, we recommend trying out our external camera.

If security is the main reason why you want to try out smart home technology, this is where you should start. By placing one by your front or back door, you can monitor what is going on outside without having to open the door - or, keep an eye on when the pizza delivery is here!

You can also put one to use with a smart sensor, too - use one to get an alert when someone approaches the door, or to turn on an outdoor light so you always feel safe and secure when you are at home.

What is The Best Smart Home Ecosystem for Beginners?

When choosing your first smart home ecosystem, you want to be sure that it is easy to set up, can integrate together and can all be controlled from one place.

That’s why Hey! is one of the best smart home ecosystems for beginners. All of our devices connected together easily via your wi-fi connection, while our app gives you everything you need to put them in action. With our set-up guides, you can get going as soon as you get your hands on your devices - no need for any special knowledge or equipment.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your home smart today with Hey!

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