The many benefits of smart lighting in your home.

By now, you’ve probably heard of smart light bulbs. The ultimate evolution of the bog-standard filament bulb, smart lighting gives you ultimate control over how you light your home.

But, you might be wondering - “exactly what is the point of smart light bulbs?”

Well, there are plenty of benefits that smart light bulbs can bring to your home! Far from being just another fad, smart bulbs are here to stay.

From upgrading your home decor to keeping your home safe and secure, take a look at our five favourite benefits smart lighting can bring to your home today...

1. They can lift your mood

It’s not complicated: good lighting = good mood! A well lit room can do wonders for making you feel more comfortable, relaxed, energized or even focussed.

Using RGB smart bulbs and light strips, you can easily change your mood with a few taps of your smartphone screen - and even treat yourself to a little bit of colour therapy!

Try out these smart lighting colours and discover the benefits they can have on your mood…

● Blue light - the ultimate calmer, blue light can help with your circadian rhythm. This means it can help you wake up faster in the morning and gets you focussing better - perfect for the home office!

● Green light - the colour of nature, it’s no surprise that green light makes us feel soothed and relaxed while improving concentration. Doing a spot of yoga or meditation? Try out green lighting for a rejuvenating session.

● Yellow light - is there a colour more cheerful than yellow? Yellow light can give you a mood boost when you're feeling low. Why not switch your smart light to yellow when you listen to your favourite uplifting podcast for an uplifting afternoon?

● Red light - don’t be put off by the idea of red lighting in your home. Red lighting can actually help you prepare for a good night’s sleep. The opposite to blue light, it increases melatonin levels to help your brain wind down. Try switching your smart lights to red while you get ready for bed.

● Orange light - want to boost your creativity? Orange is the lighting colour for you. This colour is associated with energy, happiness and enthusiasm, so try it out and wait for the new ideas to come flowing.

● Purple light - if you’re feeling a little stressed or tense at the end of the working day, purple lighting can bring some comfort. Said to help reduce emotional stress, calm your nerves with purple lighting and some lavender room spray and feel your worries drift away.

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2. They can enhance your interior decor

It’s not only your mood that can benefit from smart lighting - your interior decor will, too.

Any interior designer will tell you how important lighting is to making your home look and feel great. One of the biggest benefits of smart lighting is it gives you the ability to easily change the brightness, colour and placement of your light.

Want to add some ambience to your kitchen, dining room or living room? Smart light strips can easily be placed to create stunning uplighting effects. Stick them under kitchen cabinets, around your TV unit, behind wall shelves… anywhere you can think of to add some warmth and depth to your room.

Don’t forget, you can dim them and change up the colour to suit your mood at any time. So, whether hosting that sophisticated dinner party or having a movie night, your lights can complete the vibe!

3. You can automate them

Maybe you've never thought about automating your lights. But, once you have, we don’t think you’ll be going back!

Automating your smart lights can bring so many benefits to your life. By placing them on a timer, you can set your lights to come on first thing in the morning - no more waking up to the pitch black on those winter mornings!

Even better, if you use them with your Alexa, you can link them in with your morning routine. So, your lights will come on with your alarm clock.

If you want to get extra smart, you can even use them alongside motion detectors so your lights come on when you enter a room.

4. You can feel safer at home

For many people, the biggest benefit of smart lighting is the feeling of security they can offer you.

For example, do you hate coming back to a dark house at night? Set your smart lights on a timer so the house is lit up ready for you when you get home.

Or, maybe you worry about leaving your house empty when you take regular trips away? Again, a simple timer can switch your lights on for a few hours a night to put off any intruders.

5. They can be fun!

Our final, and perhaps most important, benefit of smart lighting is simple. They can be fun!

We think everyone should be able to enjoy their smart homes. That’s why we make our smart lights as simple to set up and use as possible.

Get creative, transform your home, impress your friends - whatever you want to do, our smart lights at Hey! are here to help!

Wi-fi enabled and with their own smartphone app (no hub required!), every device in our range integrates together seamlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the benefits of smart lighting for yourself online today with Hey!